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The First Post : Justin Robinson

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Welcome to our new CSI Northern Illinois Chapter website. We've created this website to ultimately make it easy to understand our chapter and how to be a part of it. As the President-Elect of the Northern Illinois CSI Chapter, I hope to see it grow with current and new faces, all bringing a wide range of experience and input. CSI is an organization in which its members take time out of their evenings, weekends,, and sometimes workdays to be a part of. Because it is a choice, I want to do my part to make sure it continues to be beneficial for all members.

This website is step one, in that I invite anyone and everyone to send your feedback, positive and negative, to us. Is there a presenter you've seen elsewhere who your colleagues would benefit from hearing? I'd love to make that happen. Is there an offsite event that may be worth our time? Great, please tell me all about it. My phone number and email are on the home page. You can contact me whenever you'd like to. In addition, there is a general email for this chapter now.

Our site links to the Chapter's social media pages (Twitter and LinkedIn). In the coming months, you will see more activity from us on those outlets. Please feel free to be a part of that activity. In addition, we will continue to add to this website. Let us know what resources and content you would find most beneficial.

Most importantly, I'd love to get to know everyone. As I mentioned above, I'm happy to take your phone call, answer your email, or respond to your text. Even better, please feel free to spend a few minutes talking with me at a future meeting. We're all here to enrich our careers. I will do my part as future President of the Chapter. I am grateful for Al encouraging me to accept the role and can assure you all that I take it very seriously.

Justin Robinson

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